How to Organize a Small Corporate Event in Dubai, UAE

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As compared to big events in Dubai, organizing small corporate event is much more flexible especially when you are deciding about interaction, activities and venues. Working for a smaller group is much easier for an event planner as compared to working for a bigger event. Still, in order to make the event successful planners need to be creative and innovative. This article sheds light on some items that you must need in order to make your small event successful.



  1. Always Begin with the ABC:

Always start your work with a firm foundation, therefore before moving ahead, it is always recommended to set-up the outline of your small event. Things like itineraries, times and dates must be completed first before looking ahead.

  1. Venue:

Finding a venue for smaller group is easy as compare to the bigger group, but for smaller group the capacity door-sill will be a little tighter. If you are organizing an event for 100 to 150 people all you need is to choose a larger place that depends on the capacity of the chosen venue. Make sure the room will not look like so much crowded.

  1. Marketing Strategy:

Make sure the event you organize must benefit others. As people always wanted to find out how your event will benefit them. The marketing strategy you use will also have a greater impact on the attendance. You are too excited for your event, but the biggest challenge for you is to excite others as well.

  1. How Much Budget You Need Per Person:

As the quantity increases, the prices of the catering and hotel decreases, therefore per person cost is more in small events as compared to big events, which is the biggest disadvantage of small events. In order to make issues even more difficult, drop 20% in numbers from an event that has the possibility to influence the status of group pricing. By keeping this in mind, make per person budget under the least estimated audience figure. You will be able to increase your profit per person if you have done this calculation accurately.

  1. Strengths:

Small events offer more chances for planned discussions; you can use this as an advantage when organizing the itinerary. If you talk all day long your attendees will become bored, that is why smaller events usually offer breakout options and group sessions. Think about different ways by which you keep your attendance attentive.

  1. Include Feedback Forms and Q&A Sessions:

Feedback always works. In order to make your corporate events even more successful take feedback, encourage your attendees to ask questions as you end each segment. Distribute feedback, questions and ask your attendees to fill them carefully, instruct them how they can submit it back.

  1. Add Networking Function:

Networking function always plays a major role in making your event more successful especially in Dubai corporate world. It is always good that your attendees know about one another. If you want to make any commitments it is better to do it before the event date. As there is a famous idiom, nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, therefore, be practical when it comes to promoting any post-event function.

For everyone, small corporate events are always rewarding and rich experience, all you need is proper planning if you want to make your event successful by keeping your attendees in mind. You will be able to plan your event in a better way if you know who your guests are and what they are hoping from you and your event.

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