How to Trim Your Corporate Event Cost in Dubai

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Every successful corporate event in Dubai has some set budget, and as an event planner, it is your duty to stretch every single Dirham in order to plan a great event that will remember by our guests for years. Corporate event planning is considered as one of the most difficult jobs because you will never know when any unpredicted expenses might arise in the entire planning process. Therefore, it is always suggested to check the banquet first and plan accordingly. Also give some time in making a list of possible cuts at the start, as this will eliminate the stress and allow you to take decisions quickly.

Following are 6 suggestions that help you cut your corporate event costs in Dubai easily and effectively:

Apps or Snacks?
There are a lot of things by which you can trim your corporate event cost quickly and make your event successful. If you can then replace all the forgo appetizers with dry snacks. Give some time in presentation as it will add elegance in your work. Set Chex Mix glass bowls in the main reception area on the entire cocktail rounds. Warm dips that are served up with pieces of sourdough bread are another economical substitute.

E-mail invitations:
Using the postal service for inviting your guests is way too expensive; instead go for e-mail invites and save up to AED 24 per person. But all you need is to think about this opportunity in advance. E-mail nowadays is considered as the best substitute for invitation via paper, also it is considered as a green aspect of an event. This will also save you a lot of precious time.

Tickets for Drinking:
“Open bar” is always the best choice but for planners it might be a budget-busting nightmare. It is completely impossible to predict since you have no idea that how many food and drinks your guests will consume. The best way to cope up with this situation is to offer your guests with drink ticket (the tickets they can use if they want any drink) at the main registration counter. If any of the guests wants more drinks they’ll have to pay for it.

Selection of Wine:
A lot of guests won’t see the wine brand you are offering when the server serves it on the table. The server will only ask that which one they like to have, white or red? Therefore, it is useless to upgrade the choice of cheaper wine house, as no one will remember the brand you served. Taste the wine before serving if you are having any doubt about the quality of the wine.

Another way by which you can trim your event cost by AED100 to AED140 per table is by using potted plants instead of cut flower to decorate tables. As it is so disappointing when people waste hundreds of thousands of Dirhams in an event to decorate the tables and later discard those flowers. You can at the end of the event also encourage guests to take those potted plants with them.

Merge your visual/audio:
In any event audio/visuals play a major role, but sometimes this might be costly. You can save your hundreds of Dirhams if you work with some company on which you can trust completely. Give some of your time in finding the advantages and disadvantages of technological needs you might require in an event. Ask anything you want to, like: are two projectors and screens necessary? If you think there is any unnecessary equipment it’s better to discard them before time.

Before planning any event, it’s better to make a proper budget and cut out any unnecessary budget. It is always better to save some money in order to easily cope with any hurdles that might come at the end.


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