Rigging & Staging

10Rigging, Staging & Trusses Equipment Rentals in Dubai – XO has some of the most advanced hi-tech equipment in the region, with a wide range of sizes and capacities. Constant up gradation of our inventory makes us best placed to offer sophisticated solutions just for you. Moreover, our interactive approach helps us to evolve something that is suited both to your budget as well as your requirements.

Rigging equipment includes legions of tools used for various needs. Rigging equipment is used to hoist, lift, push or pull another object and includes legions of tools performing simple tasks to lifting extremely heavy objects. The rigging equipment varies from very simple to highly complex depending upon the type of tasks.

A common type of rigging equipment is jack which is used to lift an object directly from the ground.  The two main types of rigging equipment used for Pushing an object from one space to another are dollies and skates. For pulling the objects, rigging equipment like chains, hooks and tie downs are used.



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